Smart Home Partnership Program

Electrical Contractors

What we can do for you:

  • Increase your revenue on cabling - You can supply and install CAT, coax, speaker & lighting control cables to our tailor-made design specification for your project.
  • New revenue streams - We can advise on audio / video systems as well as control and networking equipment, on which you will make competitive margins.
  • Increase revenue on installations - You can 2nd fix systems, including lighting panels, speakers, televisions, video distribution & smart light switches. All Installations can be completed by yourself. We will be on hand to advise when needed.
  • Design service - We will supply all cable schedules and plans for control and AV systems. We have over 10 years’ experience in designing home automation systems so can recommend the right solutions for you and your clients.
  • Remote Support - We provide onsite and remote support to help you when required.
  • Sales team - We can liaise with your clients on your behalf to help you sell systems (if you feel you require our assistance).
  • Pre-built systems - We can build system racks and deliver to site fully assembled.
  • Pre-programmed systems - Your system will arrive pre-programmed and engineers can be available to commission systems.
  • User guides - We will provide user guides for your clients and give full tutorials to clients and engineers.
  • Warranty - We provide a 1-year defects period upon completion of the project. After 1 year we offer maintenance plans when required.
  • Free surveys - Initial site visits & surveys are free. You will only be charged if your client agrees to the project, so nothing to lose.
  • Training - Network, automation and AV systems training is available but not essential as we can manage all aspects of the project for you.

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