Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage should i get Nexus involved?

As early as possible as soon as you have plans for the property. We can advise on and demonstrate lots of options to you so you can define budgets for our works and the associated works by the electrician etc upfront. We can also advise on cable routes and access, AV and lighting control equipment locations and ventilation requirements so you have these facilities catered for from day one rather than having to make changes or add extras further down the line.

How much does it cost to design & install my smart home?

This really depends on the size of the house. There is a lot to consider including design, consultancy , supply and installation all the data, Wi-Fi management, audio visual and control cabling and a whole lot more. Systems can range from a single room solutions at less than £1k up to a whole house refurb costing £250K+. We provide free quotations and site visits to discuss projects so don’t hesitate to call.

How could a smart home enhance my home security?

An integrated smart home security system could give you an early warning of an intruder in your property. Automatically switching on internal house lights when presence is detected outside. Display the relevant CCTV images on your TV screens and on your phone. Emailing or texting you alerts if you are away. When you leave the house the system can turn off all the lights and turn on holiday mode giving the illusion that the house is still occupied.

How much does service / maintenance and after care cost?

Most of our clients take out our after care support cover as systems will require software updates from time to time and general maintenance to keep performing their best. Our support packages range in cost from between £500 p.a. for remote only support packages and between £1,500 and £3,000 for comprehensive on site call out and preventative maintenance support.

Does Alexa work with Control4?

Control of your smart home is definitely possible with Alexa. Simple commands such as "Alexa, turn the TV on" or "Alexa, turn the TV off" or dimming lights or setting the heating can be easily achieved, plus a whole lot more.